İEU Press

About Us

Izmir University of Economics (IUE) Press was established with the aim of bringing the new and current to the readers in the light of the historical and permanent in the depth of academic analysis.

Today's equivalent of historical academia is universities. The main function of universities is to produce knowledge. We set out with this knowledge and undertook the mission of recording and making these valuable products public. In the same direction, we, as IUE Press, have prioritized turning new and comprehensive studies into works since the first day.

When we were founded in 2021, we emphasized the importance we attach to multidisciplinary studies. Such studies, which provide the opportunity to see the sciences as a whole and provide a richness of approach, have taken a central position in the current academic world. Nothing can be explained by a single approach, nor is anything one-dimensional. IUE Press has preferred to be a part of this dynamism since day one.

In the coming period, we will continue to support works that are especially based on local data. The recording of Izmir and Aegean studies will increase the opportunities and possibilities for our University to make original contributions to the global knowledge pool. As IUE Press, it is our usual goal to add the rich resources provided to us by our exceptional geography to the knowledge pool of printed and digital publications on a global scale.

The style of enriching the global and intellectual accumulation of Izmir University of Economics Press will continue to be evident in line with these principles.